The spaces of Escape Athens are cozy, intimate, and fully functional to accommodate all kinds of activations. 4 amazing rooms are waiting for you, choose the one that suits your project!


Just as the Garden of Eden was a wonderful place to see wonderful things, our Eden is an exhibition space that houses wonderful artworks of all kinds!

The Eden exhibition hall seating up to 50 seating people.


The perfect meeting may seem utopian, but Utopia has been made for this, to inspire people to work with absolutely positive vibes!

The Utopia room seating up to 20 people.


Euphoria like its name, is a meeting room with an euphoric atmosphere that inspires everyone to do from a presentation to a workshop in it, with a very pleasant mood!

The Euphoria room seating up to 50 people.


Music is joy, it is peace, it is this feeling that makes us feel really calm, it is Nirvana! So the name of the room, which hosts KEAN web radio, is closely associated with music.

The Nirvana room seating up to 7 people.